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"Kkotge-maentang" Spicy Blue Crab Stew/花蟹辣酱汤/꽃게매운탕

"Kkotge-maentang" Spicy Blue Crab Stew/花蟹辣酱汤/꽃게매운탕 Seafood
2013/03/25 15:39  

In Korean, "Kkotge" means blue crabs. We do steam the crabs,marinated it with Korean read pepper paste or soybean sauce  etc...Today, I am using the Chinese liquorice roots(감초/甘草) as one of the ingredients for preparing the broth 。 Recently,  I notieced that use the Chinese liquorice roots as one of the herbs to cook "samgyetang/삼계탕/ 人参鸡汤“,the taste is good too....

在韩文里,“kkotge” 是指花蟹。 我们也蒸,或用韩式辣椒酱/酱油来醃之螃蟹等料理方法。 今天,我用了甘草作为材料之一来煮上汤。 最近,我发现到用甘草来作为煮人参鸡汤的材料之一,味道也很好。。。

Radish,kelp,onion,chinese liquorice roots and anchovies as the ingredients for preparing broth..

                                                      Blue crabs..

                                    Octopus fangsiao,shrimp and crab...

                             Crown daisy,bean sprout,green onion,green pepper...

                                               Boil the broth...

Blue crabs  650 g
octopus fangsiao  320 g
shrimps 130 g
bean sprouts 150 g
crown daisy  80 g
green onion  1 Tsp
1 green pepper
salt ( it depends on your taste )

Ingredients for preparing the broth:
water 6 cups
kelp 10 x 10 cm
anchovies 6 pieces
Chinese liquorice roots 3 pieces ( optional)
radish 230 g
1 onion
( after boiling, remove all the ingredients except radish)

minced ginger 1 Tsp
minced garlic 1 Tsp
Korean red pepper paste  3 Tsp
Korean soybean paste 1 1/2 Tsp
red pepper powder 2 tsp
Korean rice wine (청주) or cooking wine 1 Tsp

Method :
1. Rinse the crabs and cut down the center of crab, to separate the body into two pieces.

2. Trim the shrimps and the octopus fangsiao.

3. Trim the roots of the bean sprouts.

4. Trim the crown daisy.

5. Cut the green onion,green pepper, radish.

6. Prepare the broth,  boil the onion,Chinese liquorice.radish,anchovies,kelp  with 6 cups of wate.

7. Mix the ingredients for the sauce.

8. Pour the broth in a pot, place in the crabs,shrimps and the sauce to boil.

9. When it is almost well-done, place in the bean sprouts, crown daisy and octopus fangsiao ( because if cook the bean sprouts,crown daisy and octopus fangsiao for too long time, it will not be delicious).

10. Add in salt to taste.

11. Serve it when it is hot....  

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蚊子 said...

看起来好好吃~~ 在韩剧里常常都会看到大锅大锅的热汤~冷天里喝热汤! 太赞了! :D