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"Du-reup "Aralia Elata/辽东楤木/두릅

"Du-reup "Aralia Elata/辽东楤木/두릅 Vegetable
2013/03/11 22:01  

Spring is around the corner, now is the season for Korean to enjoy the shoots of Aralia elata..。Today ,I am going to share with you a very simple way to enjoy this vegetable...


In Korean cuisine, the shoots of Aralia elata is called dureup are used for various dishes, such as dureup jeon (두릅전), that is a variety of jeon (pancake-like dish) made by pan-frying the shoots covered with minced beef and batter.
Dureup namul (두릅나물), also called dureup muchim (두릅무침) is a dish made by parboiling dureup seasoned with gochujang (chili pepper paste).
It is also common to eat Aralia elata as Dureup bugak (두릅부각), fried shoots of the plant coated with glutinous rice paste, usually served along with chal jeonbyeong (찰전병), a kind of pancake made by pan-frying glutinous rice flour.
Aralia elata or Japanese angelica tree is a woody plant belonging to the family Araliaceae

It is an upright deciduous small tree or shrub growing up to 6 m in height, native to eastern Russia, China, Korea, and Japan.
In Japan it is known as tara-no-ki (Katakana: タラノキ/Kanji: 楤木), and in Korea as dureup namu (두릅나무). It prefers deep loamy soils in partial shade, but will grow in poorer soils and in full sun. The plant is sometimes cultivated, often in a variegated form, for its exotic appearance.
(source : wikipedia)

                                             Shoots of Aralia elata..

                                After removing the bottom part of the shoots...

Shoots of Aralia elata 100 g
red pepper paste with vinegar


1. Remove the bottom part of the shoots and wash it..

2. Boil a pot of water, blanch it in the boiling water.

3. Remove from the boiling water...

4. Dip the red pepper paste with vinegar sauce when you eat....  

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