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青椒肉丝/Beef With Green Bell Pepper/고추잡채(gochu chapchae)

将面团擀成 6 片圆形状,再做一花蕾。须整理一下花瓣,那才会漂亮。
Roll out the dough as the above ( 6 round pieces is required ) 

将它卷起来后,在中间用刀将它切成两段,就成了 2 朵花。
Roll it up, cut it into two from the middle, then, you will get two roses. You have to adjust it in order to make it more beautiful.

在韩国,青椒肉丝这道菜很普遍,尤其是在中华料理餐馆。 一般上,在吃这一道菜的时候都配上“花卷”。在超市可以买到冷冻花卷,也可以自己亲手做。 今天,心血来潮,做了玫瑰花卷。。。。

In Korea, fried beef stripes with green bell pepper is a very common and popular dish, especially when you go for dinning at the Chinese restaurant in Korea. Generally, we will eat this dish together with the bun. We can either buy  the frozen buns from   the supermarkets or make it ourselves. Today, I make a special " Rose Buns "......

(This recipe is written in Chinese & English )


The ingredients for making this "rose bun", please refer to the previous recipe for "Bun".

青灯笼椒 2 粒
牛肉 或猪肉    50g ( 在韩国,通常都用牛肉)
粟米粉 1tsp 加上 1 1/2Tsp 的水
洋葱 1/2 粒
蒜蓉 1tsp
耗油 1 Tsp
酱清 1tsp ( 请自调味 )
胡椒粉 少许
油 2 Tsp
麻油 1tsp

1. 除去灯笼椒内部的种子,切成长形丝状。

2. 将洋葱切成丝状。

3. 将牛肉切成丝状。

4. 在锅内倒入食用油,油热,加入蒜蓉和洋葱一起炒。 20秒后,加入灯笼椒丝,再炒约 30秒,最后才炒牛肉。炒约 5秒后,加入调味料,耗油,酱清和胡椒粉。炒入味后,加入粟米粉勾芡,最后才加入麻油。

5. 将“花卷”撕开,夹些青椒肉丝放在花卷上,一起吃。

Ingredients for cooking beef stripes and green bell pepper:
green bell peppers    2
beef or pork 50g ( In Korea, most of us use beef instead of pork)
corn starch 1tsp + 1  1/2  Tsp water
onion,  1/2
garlic, minced, 1tsp
oyster sauce 1 Tsp
soy bean sauce 1tsp ( to taste )
pepper, a pinch
vegetable oil  2 Tsp
sesame oil 1 tsp

1. Remove the seeds from green bell pepper.cut it into long and thin stripes.

2. Slice the onion into long and thin stripes.

3. Slice the beef into long and thin stripes .

4. Add the vegetable oil on the pan, heat it up, add in garlic and onion, fry it for about 20 seconds. Add in green bell pepper, fry another 30 seconds, finally add in beef, fry for about 5 seconds, add in the seasonings, oyster sauce,soy bean sauce, pepper. Till well cooked, add in the corn starch, to make it a little bit sticky . Finally, add in the sesame oil.

5. Tear the bun,  one piece by  one piece; place the beef and vegetables on the bun, eat together.

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