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鸡胸肉沙律/Chicken Breast Salad/닭가슴살 샐러드

若正在节食减肥,鸡胸肉应该是最佳的选择吧......大家对于 corn flakes 应该是很熟悉吧,在韩国目前很流行一种称为 “ Kelloggy's Special K” 的 rice  flakes, 是用米制成的节食食物。。。。

生菜学名Lactuca sativa),又名春菜鹅仔菜萵苣莴仔菜,是菊科莴苣属之一年生或二年生蔬菜。它是一种很常见的食用蔬菜,中国日本等国的人往往煮熟后食用,在西方文化中人们往往放在沙律漢堡包等食品中生食。在香港,為了跟西生菜區分,生菜又稱為唐生菜

If you are on diet now, chicken breast will be the best choice.....most of us are very familiar with the corn flakes; recently, there is a very popular rice flakes called " Kelloggy's Special K" in Korea, made of rice instead of corn, diet food........

Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is a temperate annual or biennial plant of the daisy family Asteraceae. It is most often grown as a leaf vegetable. It is eaten either raw, notably in salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, tacos, and many other dishes, or cooked, as in Chinese cuisine in which the stem becomes just as important as the leaf. Both the English name and the Latin name of the genus are ultimately derived from lac, the Latin word for “milk,” referring to the plant’s milky juice. Mild in flavour, it has been described over the centuries as a cooling counterbalance to other ingredients in a salad

( This recipe is written in Chinese & English)

鸡胸肉  120g
生菜 80g
红色灯笼椒 80g
rice flakes 1 Tsp ( 或用 corn flakes 来代替)
Almond 1 Tsp
蚝油 1tsp ( 用来醃鸡肉的)

草莓 yogurt 100g
橄榄油 1 Tsp (一般上都采用 100% extra virgin 的橄榄油来做沙律)
醋 1 Tsp

1. 先将鸡肉洗净,擦干水份,用蚝油,盐和胡椒粉醃上15分钟,放入烤箱烤熟或平镬里煎。
2. 将生菜洗净,撕成小块状。
3. 将红色灯笼椒切成小方块状。
4. 混合草莓yogurt,橄榄油和醋,待用。
5. 除了 rice flakes, 将所有的材料放在盘子上,淋上沙律酱,吃前最后才撒上 rice flakes。因为
    淋上沙律酱后, rice flakes 很容易变软,吃起来就不爽口。

chicken breast 120g
lettuce 80g
red bell pepper 80g
rice flakes 1 Tsp ( or can use the corn flakes to substitute)
almond 1 Tsp
oyster sauce 1tsp ( for marinating the chicken breast)
salt & pepper ( to taste)

Salad sauce:
strawberry yogurt 100g
olive oil 1 Tsp ( normally use l00% extra virgin for salad )
vinegar 1 Tsp

1. Wash the chicken breast ,drain it, use the oyster sauce,salt and pepper to marinate it for about 15 minutes,put in the oven or fry pan to roast or grill it. Tear it into pieces after cooked.
2. Wash the lettuce, tear it , cube size.
3. Cut the red bell pepper ,cube size.
4.  Mix the strawberry yogurt with olive oil and vinegar, set aside.
5.  Put all the ingredients on the dish except rice flakes,garnish with the salad sauce; sprinkle the rice flakes before you eat , because rice flakes will not be crispy if "soak" in the salad sauce for long period.

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