Wednesday, March 7, 2012

甜酸豆腐/Tofu With Vinegar & Soy Sauce/탕수두부

豆腐料理也是韩国人喜爱的料理之一! 韩国人更有这习俗,那些犯了罪,被判入狱的罪犯,服刑期满后,当他们出狱的那一天,朋友或家人在监狱门口,都会给他一大快的豆腐让他吃;豆腐营养高,填补狱中的营养不足;吃了豆腐后,改面重新做人。。。。。。

Tofu cuisines are the Korean favourite cuisines too! Korean have such a custom, for those criminals, who have been sentenced to jail,  on the day when they are released from the prison, their friends or relatives will give them a piece of big tofu to eat; the prisoners might not have nutritious food to eat in prison,therefore, they give them the tofu, tofu is cheap and nutritious; after eating the tofu, turn a new leaf......

豆腐  170g
红色灯笼椒和青色灯笼椒粒各 1tsp
蛋黄液 1粒
粟米粉 1 1/2 Tsp

水 150cc
韩式酱清 1 Tsp
白糖  3Tsp
醋 2Tsp
粟米粉  1 1/2Tsp + 2Tsp的水,调均

1. 将豆腐切成 1cm 厚,再用模型印出花样 ( 或者不印出花样,只将豆腐切成方块形)。
2. 用纸巾抹干豆腐的水份,均匀地沾上粟米粉,再沾上蛋黄液。
3. 准备一小锅热油,将豆腐炸熟,待用。
4. 将水,酱清,白糖和醋一起煮至滚,然后倒入粟米粉水,调至有点浓。
5. 将炸好的豆腐放在碟子上后,撒些红灯笼椒和青灯笼椒粒,再淋上汁。。。

tofu 170g
red bell pepper & green bell pepper,  1 tsp each, chopped
egg yolk 1
corn starch 1 1/2 Tsp
cooking oil

water 150cc
Korean soy bean sauce 1 Tsp
sugar 3 Tsp
vinegar 2 Tsp
corn starch 1 1/2 Tsp  + 2 Tsp of water, mix well

1.Slice the tofu into 1 cm thick, use the mould to make the shape that you like ( or don't use the mould, just cut it into cube size)
2. Use the kitchen tower to dry the surface of the tofu,coating with corn starch,then coating with egg yolk.
3. Prepare a small wok of oil, heat it up, fry the tofu,set aside.
4. Mix the water,soy bean sauce,sugar and vinegar , boil it ;when it is boiling,add in corn starch that mixed with water, until it becomes  sticky gravy...
5. Put the fried tofu on the dish, sprinkle with red & green pepper on top of it, serve together with the gravy.

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