Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"kong-guk-su"콩국수/Chilled Noodles in Soy Milk/冷豆奶面

In summer, "kong-guk-su"콩국수/chilled Noodles in Soy Milk is one of the favourite noodles in Korea.

Ingredients: ( for 4 person)
soy bean 320g
water 1400 cc
roasted sesame seeds 1/2 cup
1 cucumber
1 tomato
noodles (소면) 400g
boiled eggs 4
salt, to taste ( add a pinch of salt when you want to eat)

1. Wash the soy beans and soak in cold water for over night .

2. Boil the soy beans, rinse and remove peels.

3. Puree the soy beans and roasted sesame seeds with the water in a blender.

4. Strain the  soy milk through mesh strainer.

5. Refrigerate the soy milk.

6. Boil the noodles.

7.  Place the noodles into large bowl and garnish with cucumber, tomato,boiled egg,ice cube. Pour the chilled soy milk over the noodles. Serve cool. ( P/s: add a pinch of salt when you want to eat)

                                                   Home made soy milk

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