Tuesday, May 22, 2012


In Korea, summer is the harvest season for cucumbers. Korean make the cucumber kimchi (오이김치), " O-yi-ji" / 오이지, "O-yi-sang-chi"/ 오이상치....

This is "O-yi-sang-chi", Korean like to use it as one of the ingredients for Bibimbab in summer....

在韩国,夏天是黄瓜盛产的季节,也是韩国主妇们喜欢用黄 瓜做出各种不同菜色的好时机;黄瓜泡菜,醃黄瓜,凉拌黄瓜 等。。。
这一道菜是“凉拌黄瓜”, 是韩国人喜欢在夏季用来拌饭的菜肴之一。。。

2 big cucumbers
Korean red pepper paste 20g
corn syrup 15g or 20g sesame oil 1/2 Tsp
sesame seeds 1 tsp
minced garlic 1 tsp
chopped green onion 1 tsp
a pinch of salt
( Mix all the ingredients well and set aside. If you use 2 small cucumbers, please don't pour in all the sauces  at the same time, please taste it before you add in some more)

                                          Peel the skin of the cucumbers

                                                   Slice the cucumbers

    Cut  the  cucumbers into long & thin stripes  and sprinkle a pinch of salt, toss it well.
    Marinate it for at least 30 minutes or a few hours.

                           After a few hours, the cucumbers become very soft....

 Squeeze out the water by using your palms and add in the abovementioned seasoning, mix it well and serve. Please take a note, squeeze out the water and mix with the seasoning just before you want to serve. Because if you mix it with the seasoning and set it aside, "water" may flow out from the cucumbers, then, the taste is not so good.

Korean also like to use this  cucumber for making " O-yi-sang-chi", they call this cucumber " 노각"/ no-kak.

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