Monday, May 14, 2012

Rice topped with seasoned mushrooms/蘑菇烩饭/버섯덮밥

In Korean " 덮밥 ( dop-bab)/烩饭" means a bowl of rice topped with seasoned seafood,meat,vegetables,raw fish , etc. Example, 계란덮밥 (Rice topped with scrambled eggs),쇠괴기덮밥 ( Rice topped with seasoned beef),새우덮밥 ( Rice topped with deep-fried prawns),회덮밥 ( Rice topped with raw fish), etc.
The picture shown above is " 버섯덮밥  Rice topped with seasoned mushrooms/蘑菇烩饭...

Ingredients: ( for 4 person)

oak  mushroom ( 표고버섯)  120g
trumpet royal mushroom / pine mushroom ( 송이버섯) 120g
enoki mushroom  ( 팽이버섯)120g
yellow bell pepper 30g
red bell pepper 30g
onion 1/2
beef / pork 60g
minced garlic 1 tsp
cooked rice
oyster sauce 1 Tsp
salt or light soy bean sauce , to taste
a pinch of pepper

seasoning (B)
2 Tsp of cornflour
4.. Tsp of water

1. Oak mushroom,trumpet royal mushroom cut into thin stripes.

2. Onion, cut into thin stripes.

3. yellow and red bell pepper, cut into thin stripes too.

4. Beef tenderloin or pork, cut into thin long stripes.

5. Mix the cornflour and water well, set aside.

6. Heat the cooking oil in a heated wok and fry minced garlic till light brown, add onion, mushrooms, yellow & red pepper and stir for 1 minutes.

7. Add in beef/ pork and stir fry for another minutes.

8. Add in oyster sauce, a pinch of pepper and salt or light bean soy sauce to taste. Stir well and cook till all the ingredients are tender and add in the seasoning (B). Stir well.

9. Place a bowl of cooked rice on the plate and pour the cooked mushrooms on top of it. Serve hot.


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nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

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It is my pleasure....welcome to my blog!