Friday, July 13, 2012

조선호박장 (Chosun Ho Bak Jang )

In Korea, we call this little pumpkins " 조선호박"/ Chosun Ho Bak, summer is the harvest season.

We call this dish as " 호박장"/ Ho Bak Jang.

Cut the pumpkin as shown in the picture.

Remove the center part.

This picture showed that the center part of the pumpkin  has been removed.

Cut the pumpkin into cube form, and add in the seasonings in a big bowl.

After mixing the seasonings well, place it in a clay cooking ware.

Pour in the water just enough to cover the surface of the pumpkins. Add in anchovy,minced garlic,green pepper and corn syrup. Boil until the pumpkins well done with low heat. For this dish, the longer time for you to cook it, the taste will be more better. For me, I like to cook it one day before I eat, boil it for a few more times.

조선호박 /Chosun Ho Bak     900g
anchovy 5 pieces
Korean red pepper paste    70g
corn syrup  50g
minced garlic  1 Tsp
sliced green pepper  1 Tsp

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