Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Foodstuff/gift from Taiwan。。。。

On the 17th of  July, two of my friends from Taiwan visited me.  These are the foodstuff/gift from them........... Thank you , my dear friends...

This is the Taiwan's famous Pineapple Tart, especially from Taichong, in Taiwan.


                                       My friend she drew this picture for me...

Hand made dish from my friend.

This is another Taiwan's famous biscuit, they call it "太阳饼“( Sun biscuit)

                                               太阳饼 (Tai yang bing) from Taiwan

                                                 Rice noodles from Taiwan

                                                  Rice noodles from Taiwan

                       This is the “冬瓜茶砖” (dong gua cha zhuan) from Taiwan

This is the ingredient for making Taiwan's famous "珍珠奶茶“(Zhen zhu nai cha)

                                       Dried beef from "jing men "in Taiwan

                                               Rock sugar from Taiwan

                                                     Rock sugar from Taiwan

                                 I nstant noodles for vegetarian

                                         Dried chrysanthemum for boiling tea.

                                     Dried bamboo leaf for making dumpling

Taiwan famous tea 

                                           "Gao liang jiu"(wine) from Taiwan

                                          This is called " 海燕窝“ hai yan wo from Taiwan

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