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This is the Korean glutinous rice cakes,  it is available at any Korean rice cake shops or supermarket, we call it "인절미".  On the surface of the glutinous rice cake, coat it with the soy bean powder....
( This recipe is written in Chinese & English)

糯米粉 5 杯 (在韩国,用来制作韩式米糕的米粉或糯米粉,一般上都是将白米或糯米泡浸在水中 6,7个小时后,拿到米糕点去磨成粉)。做这糕点时可用市面上买的糯米粉,若用乾性糯米粉,须多加一些水。
水 3 Tsp
白糖 5 Tsp
黄豆粉 2杯 (可在粉内加入少许的白糖 )

1. 将水加入糯米粉后,用筛筛一回
2. 在筛过的粉内加入白糖
3. 在蒸龙内铺上纱布,将糯米粉放在蒸笼内蒸熟,约蒸 15 分钟
4. 蒸熟后的糯米团,乘热的时候,不断的搓揉,使到糯米团有弹性
5. 在桌上铺一大张的塑胶纸,将米团放在上面,盖好,用木棒擀成自己喜欢的厚度,将它切成方块后,沾上黄豆粉即可。 ( 或将糯米团放入塗上麻油的模型内,压平后,切成小块)

glutinous rice powder 5 cups ( In Korean, when we make rice cake or glutinous rice cake, normally, we soak the rice in the water for about 6, 7 hours, then grind it ). For this cake, we can buy those dried glutinous rice powder from the market. If you buy the dried glutinous rice powder from the market, you have to add some more water
water 3 Tsp
sugar 5 Tsp
soy bean powder 2 cups ( can add in some sugar )

1. Add the water into the glutinous rice powder, mix well and sift the powder.

2. Add the sugar, mix it well.

3. Steam the glutinous rice powder for about 15 min. when the glutinous rice powder is cooked and become transparent, remove from the heat.

4. Coat the mallet with salted water. Pound the steamed glutinous rice cake using the mallet. What if you don't have the mallet, then, use your hand to knead it, to form it a smooth and elastic dough.

5.  Prepare a wide and shallow container and coat sesame oil around the container. Pour the pounded rice cake on the container and spread it evenly. When it is settled, cut into 2cm x 4cm  size. Dip and coat it in the soy bean powder. ( p/s: if you have the container, then, you may put a piece of plastic on  the table, coat sesame oil, put the glutinous rice cake on the top of the plastic, cover with another piece of plastic, roll it, spread it evenly).

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