Monday, December 12, 2011

Walnut Cookies/核桃菓子(호두과자)

昨天,有位住在天安(천안)的朋友到访,送了一盒天安名产 “核桃菓子”。除了天安,目前在全国各地也开始有了核桃菓子专卖店。以往除了天安,最只有在快速公路的驿站可以买到。当我们停留在快速公路的驿站休息片刻时,最喜欢买这糕点来吃,又热又脆,太可口了。菓子里的馅是白豆沙或红豆沙,并有一粒核桃。朋友,若有机会到韩国,一定要嚐嚐这 “核桃菓子”

Yesterday, one of the friends from Cheon An (천안) visited us, she presented a box of "Walnut cookies/호두과자" as a gift. Now, not only in Cheon An, many shops are selling this type of cookies too. Previously, only in Cheon An and the shops located near the express way are available. When we stop over the shops near the express way, we like to buy these cookies as a snack, are hot and crisp, very delicious. The filling of these cookies are either white bean paste or red bean paste, and a walnut. Dear readers, if you have a chance to visit Korea, you must try this " Walnut cookies"

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