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在韩国国内饲养,土生土长的牛,韩国人称牠为 “韩牛”,这韩牛的价格还可真不便宜。若到韩国来,可真别错过到韩牛牛肉餐馆去品尝。。。
这一道菜,在韩国非常的普遍,也是美国出产的牛肉中,最初入口到韩国的产品称为“L。A。갈비“,也即 ”L.A 排骨“。这排骨的最大特点是把排骨切成薄片状,而非块状。

In, Korea, we call the local beef as " 한우 ( Han- woo). The price for local beef is more expensive than the imported beef. If you have  an opportunity to visit Korea, please don't miss the chance to taste Korea local beef.
This dish is very simple & popular in Korea. This short ribs, we call them " L.A. short ribs . L.A. 갈비". This short ribs are sliced in thin  pieces form.
The seasonings for this dish are available at the supermarket in Korea, the product    is "소갈비양념장".

( This recipe is written in Chinese & English )

L.A 排骨 600g
排骨酱料12 Tsp ( 若喜欢味道浓一点的,可多加 1,2 Tsp)
新鲜韩国梨汁 ( 1/2 粒梨) (若无也无妨,加入梨汁,排骨肉会更柔软)

1. 将买回来的排骨先泡浸在水中,约 1,2个小时,目的是除去排骨中的血迹
3. 撒些胡椒粉在排骨上
4. 加入牛排骨专用酱料,醃3,4 个小时 ( 醃的时间越长,更入味. 通常,我是在上桌前的前一天,先将它醃好,放入冰箱,第二天才煮)
5. 将排骨一片一片放在平镬内(不加油),煮熟了一面后,将排骨反到另一面。别用太大火,当心把排骨烧焦。。。。。

L.A. short ribs 600g
소갈비양념장  12 Tsp ( You can add in one or two more Tsp)
pepper, a pinch of it
Korean pear juice( half of the pear)  ( optional )( the short ribs will be more tender)

1. Soak the L.A. short ribs in a large bowl of cold water for about l. or 2 hours, the purpose is to remove the blood.

2. Rinse and drain it.

3. Sprinkle a pinch of pepper on the L.A. short ribs.

4. Combine the L.A. short ribs with seasonings, mix it well, marinate it for at least l hour ( if marinate it overnight, the taste will be more better. For me , I like to marinate it one day before it is served. Marinate it, keep it in the refrigerator).

5. Place the L.A. short ribs on the fry pan ( please don't add in cooking oil) with medium heat, when one side of the short rib is well done, turn it over to the other side, and cook it.

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