Sunday, January 22, 2012

桔梗/Chinese Bellflower/도라지


This is known as platycodon  or Chinese Bellflower. It is native to East Asia and bears blue flower,although varieties with white and pink flowers are in cultivation, white flowers are more common in Korea. The roots of this species is used extensively as an anti-inflammatory in the treatment of cough and colds. In Korea, the plant is known as doraji (도라지) and its root,either dried or fresh is a popular ingredients in salads and traditional cuisine, especially for the celebration of Lunar New Year and Moon Festival.

(This recipe is written in Chinese & English )

桔梗 150g
青葱粒 1tsp
蒜蓉 1tsp
荏油或称苏子油 1tsp (也可以麻油代替)
芝麻 少许

1. 桔梗带有点苦味,因此在未烹调前先用盐将它揉一揉,除去苦味后,将它洗干净。
2. 在锅中放入荏油,热后,加入蒜蓉和桔梗,加入适量的盐调味。
3. 炒熟后,加入青葱粒。
4. 在桔梗表面撒些芝麻。

Chinese Bellflower 150g
spring onion 1tsp, chopped
garlic 1tsp, minced
perilla oil 1Tsp  ( or can use sesame oil to substitute)
roasted sesame seed
salt, to taste

1. The root is rather bitter,therefore, use a pinch of salt to rub it before cooking,after that, wash it.
2. Heat the perilla oil in the fry pan, add in garlic and Chinese bellflower, add in salt to taste.
3.  When it is cooked, add in spring onion.
4. Sprinkle the sesame seeds before serve.

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