Tuesday, January 24, 2012

杂锦萝卜卷/Sliced Radish Roll/무쌈말이


The marinated sliced radish ( sweet & sour) is available at the Korean supermarket  (package form), you can use it to wrap vegetable,seafood or meat. If you are a vegetarian, you can use vegetable only as the ingredient. This picture, I used red and yellow bell pepper/capsicum pepper, luncheon meat as the ingredients.
您也可以自己醃渍白萝卜片。将白萝卜切成圆形状薄片,放入玻璃瓶。以 1 :1:1 的比例将水,白糖,醋和 1tsp 的盐,煮滚,待凉后,将它倒入瓶中,将萝卜片醃渍1,2天即可。
You may make the marinated sliced radish by yourself. Slice the radish into thin pieces form,put in the bottle. Boil the water,vinegar and sugar ( ratio : 1:1:1) and 1tsp salt,pour it into the bottle when it is cool.Keep it for one or 2 days,after that you can use it.


花生酱(塗面包用的) 1Tsp
麦芽糖  1Tsp
柠檬汁 1tsp
芝麻 1tsp

酱清 1Tsp
醋 1Tsp
麦芽糖 1Tsp
蒜蓉 1tsp
辣椒蓉 1tsp
芝麻 1tsp

You can eat it without dipping any sauce, in contrast, you may prepare the following sauces:

Sauce (1)
Peanut butter jam 1Tsp
corn syrup 1Tsp
lemon juice  1tsp
roasted sesame seeds 1tsp

Sauce (2)
light soy bean sauce 1Tsp
vinegar 1Tsp
corn syrup 1Tsp
minced garlic 1tsp
green chili,chop it into small pieces 1 tsp
roasted sesame seeds 1tsp

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