Monday, January 9, 2012

潭阳/Tamyang/담양 (竹筒饭/Bamboo rice)

在韩国,潭阳有“竹林之乡” 的美称。在潭阳,有个大竹林,供游客游览,这是入口处。在潭阳也有个“竹博物馆”
In Korea, many bamboo trees are cultivated in Tamyang. There  is one big bamboo garden in Tamyang for tourists to visit.This is the entrance.There is also a " Bamboo Museum" in Tamyang too.

One of the scenery in Bamboo Garden

 Went to Tamyang with my family. We went to a restaurant for meal, in fact, this restaurant is a bamboo  garden. We sat under the bamboo trees, all the dishes were served in the bamboo dishes,even the chopsticks,spoons were kept in the bamboo box. 

地址/  The address is : 죽림원,전남담양군 원산면 화방리 624-24 번지
Tel: 061-383-1292

This is the "Bamboo rice" in Tamyang

Mushroom in the bamboo garden, is eligible for consumption.

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