Wednesday, January 11, 2012

蒸包菜/Steam Cabbage/양배추


This is a very simple and easy dish.....
(This recipe is written in Chinese & English)

材料 :
包菜  100g

韩式辣椒酱  2Tsp
醋  2Tsp
蒜蓉  1/2tsp
细糖 1Tsp 或麦芽糖 1Tsp
芝麻 1tsp

1. 将包菜洗干净,切成方块状,隔水蒸至软就可;无需太软,
2.  将韩式酸辣椒酱的材料拌均,
3.  吃的时候,用筷子夹一片已蒸好的包菜,然后沾上酸辣椒酱吃即可。

Cabbage  100g

Korean Vinegar-red pepper sauce:
Korean red pepper sauce 2 Tsp
vinegar 2 Tsp
garlic  1/2tsp
sugar 1Tsp  or corn syrup 1Tsp
roasted sesame seeds 1tsp

1. Wash the cabbage, cut it into square form. Steam it  until soft by using the steamer,   don't be too soft,
2.  Mix all the ingredients for vinegar-red pepper sauce well,
3.  Get a piece of the steamed cabbage by dipping the sauce  when you eat.

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