Thursday, January 19, 2012

人参鸡汤/Ginseng chicken soup/삼계탕


Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup is one of the famous Korean dishes. Korean like to eat this dish in  sultry summer as a tonic food. In ancient , mother-in-laws in Korea will prepare this food for their son-in-laws whenever they visit the parent-in-laws.....
(This recipe is written in Chinese & English )

鸡一只 ( 约 900g)
蒜头  40g
红枣  40g
银杏  40g
糯米  150g
人参  40g


1. 将鸡洗干净,
2. 煮一锅水 (水的份量,足以盖过整只鸡),水滚后,将鸡,蒜头,红枣,银杏,人参放入
      和糯米 熟透。
     ( 另一种煮法是将所有的材料放入鸡肚子内,在两边靠近鸡腿的内侧各刮一刀,将鸡脚交     
3. 煮好后,除去汤表面上的油后,才食用。

chicken 1 ( about 900g)
garlic 40g
red date 40g
ginkgo  40g
glutinous  rice 150g
ginseng 40g

add in salt and pepper when you take this dish

1. Wash the chicken,
2.  Boil a pot of water ( water must be enough to cover the surface of the chicken), when the water is
     boiling, put in chicken,garlic,red date,ginkgo.ginseng. Put the glutinous rice in a cotton pocket, tie it and
     boil  it together with the other ingredients. Boil it with low heat until the chicken & glutinous rice are well
    ( The other method is stuff the cavity of the chicken with the garlic, red date ,ginkgo,ginseng and glutinous
       rice. Cut a slit in the skin on either side of the body cavity of the chicken. Stick the end of each leg
       through the slit on the opposite side. Crossing the legs and closing up the cavity)
3.   Skimming the oil from the surface before you put it in the bowl and serve.

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