Wednesday, January 4, 2012

煎蛋卷 /달걀말이/Eggs Roll


Last year, when I was watching a TV program, I was surprised to know about the survey, it showed that this fried egg roll was one of the favorite dish among those foreigners who are staying in Korea. In Korea, this fried egg roll, it can be the daily dish, it also a good side dish for Korean Soju or rice wine,it also suitable for preparing the lunch box. It depends on your taste, you can add in the vegetables,seafood or meat with the eggs; or don't add an anything, just use the eggs....
(This recipe is written in Chinese & English)

蛋  3粒
菠菜  40g
葱粒  1tsp
盐 1/4 tsp ( 若嫌味道淡,可多加一些)
麻油 1/2tsp
胡椒粉 1/4tsp

1.  先将菠菜洗净,放入热水里轻轻一烫,挤掉水份,切成细状,
2.  将青葱切成小粒状,
3.  在一大碗里,将蛋液打散,加入菠菜,葱粒,盐,麻油,胡椒粉混合均匀,
4.  在一平镬内,倒入少许油(不要太多),油热后,加入以上调好的蛋糊。 当蛋糊在半熟的  
     全熟   为止。若觉得这方法有点难,那就把蛋煎熟后,马上放在竹片(卷寿司用的竹),
5.  把煎好的蛋卷,切段。可沾上蕃茄酱或酱清吃 。

eggs 3 pieces
spinach 40g
spring onion 1tsp
salt 1/4 tsp ( if you think is not salty,may add in some more)
sesame oil 1/2tsp
pepper powder 1/4tsp

1.  Wash the spinach, blanch it in the hot water,immediately take it out,squeeze out the water,slice it into
      small pieces,
2.  Chop the spring onion,
3.  In a big bowl, blend the eggs, add in spinach,spring onion,salt,sesame oil,pepper,mix well,
4.  Put a little amount of cooking oil in the fry pan ( don't put too much), when it hot, add in the eggs mixture.
     When  it is half-cooked, I use the spatula and iron spoon to roll it while I am frying the eggs, make it to
     become rectangle form,until  well cooked. If you think this method is rather difficult, you may fry the
     eggs, remove it from the fry pan, put it on the bamboo sheet ( those we use to roll the sushi) while it is still
     hot, roll it.
5.  Cut the egg roll into small pieces. May dip it with tomato sauce or soybean sauce.

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