Sunday, January 29, 2012

锅巴/Crust of overcooked rice/누룽지

   在古代是把吃剩的饭制成锅巴,现在在韩国的许多家庭,有不少的主妇特意煮饭,将它制成锅巴来享用。哈,我就是其中之一。因为我先生对锅巴是来者不拒  ,特别喜欢它。                                
 In the past,we used the left over cooked rice to make" crust of overcooked rice". Now, in Korea, a lot of housewives purposely cook the rice and use it to make the" crust of overcooked rice". Ha,ha... I am one of them. My husband likes  it very much, he will never reject it.
一般上是将饭粒平铺在平锅上,压成薄薄的一片,以小火慢慢烤成金黄色 后,将它翻过来,再将另一面也烤成金黄色至脆。以前,我也是以这种方法至作,后来我利用烤炉,效果更好。
Normally, we put the cooked rice on the fry pan,press it thin and evenly, with low heat, until it turns golden brown color;turn it over, cook until it turns golden brown color and crispy. Previously, I used this method for making it, but now I use the oven, this method is more better.

在韩国,也有不少的参馆提供 “ 土锅锅巴 ”。将薄薄的一层饭盛在热烘烘的土锅,让饭煮成锅巴,食客则自己将热水倒入锅内,然后品尝。
In Korea, many restaurants provide "Clay pot crust of overcooked rice".Put one thin layer of rice in the clay pot, cook it to become" crust of overcooked rice",customers will pour the hot water into the clay pot and enjoy the food.

The ready made " crust of overcooked rice" is available at the supermarket too.

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Xinmei @ Pudding Pie Lane said...

When my parents boil rice I always wait until they've finished so I can eat the crust at the bottom. Now I have a method for making it all the time - thank you for the idea!