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" Haemul Buchujeon " Seafood Garlic Chive Panckae/海鲜韭菜煎饼/해물부추전

" Haemul Buchujeon " Seafood Garlic Chive Panckae/海鲜韭菜煎饼/해물부추전 Seafood
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"Haemul Pajeon"/ Seafood spring onion pancake or "Haemul Buchujeon"/Seafood galic chive pancake are well-harmonized dish that are studded with soft spring onion or garlic chive and tasty seafood....
“Haemul Pajeon”/海鲜青葱煎饼 或 “Haemul Buchujeon”/海鲜韭菜煎饼,是采用青葱或韭菜配合海鲜做做成的煎饼。。。

Part of the ingredients...

Allium tuberosum, (commonly known as garlic chives, Chinese chives, Oriental garlic, Chinese leek, also known by the Chinese name kow choi (also transliterated as gau choy; Chinese: 韭菜; pinyin: Jiǔcài), or the Japanese name nira, is a vegetable related to onion. The Chinese name for the species is variously adapted and transliterated as cuchay, jiucai, kucai, kuchay, or kutsay in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines

Both leaves and the stalks of the flowers are used as a flavoring in a similar way to chives, green onions or garlic and are used as a stir fry ingredient. In China, they are often used to make dumplings with a combination of egg, shrimp and pork. They are a common ingredient in Chinese jiaozi dumplings and the Japanese and Korean equivalents. The flowers may also be used as a spice. In Vietnam, the leaves of garlic chives are cut up into short pieces and used as the only vegetable in a broth with sliced pork kidneys.

A Chinese flatbread similar to the green onion pancake may be made with garlic chives instead of scallions; such a pancake is called a jiucai bing (韭菜饼) or jiucai you bing (韭菜油饼). Garlic chives are also one of the main ingredients used with Yi mein dishes.

Garlic chives are widely used in Korean cuisine, most notably in dishes such as buchukimchi (부추김치, garlic chive kimchi), buchujeon (부추전, garlic chive pancakes), or jaecheopguk (a guk, or clear soup, made with garlic chives and Asian clams).



( source : wikipedia)


garlic chive 80 g
squid 50 g
clam meat  100 g
shrimp 50 g
1/2 onion
oak mushroom 30 g
1 green pepper
frying mix flour 70 g (튀김가루 )
pancake flour 70 g (부침가루)
ice water  140 ml
cooking oil

Vinegar  soy sauce : l Tsp soy sauce, l Tsp vinegar ( may add in 1/3 tsp of red pepper powder if you like )

Method :

l. Slice the squid into short thin stripes.

2. Slice the shrimp into thin pieces.

3. Remove the clam meat from the shell.

4. Slice the onion, oak mushroom.

5. Cut the garlic chive into 2-3 cm long.

6. Chop the green pepper.

7. Mix the frying flour, pancake flour and ice water in a mixing bowl.

8. Add in all the seafood  and vegetable ingredients, mix thoroughly.

9. Preheat the fry pan and add in cooking oil. On medium heat, pan-fry the mixture. When bottom is well done, turn over, fry it until golden brown both side.

10. Serve with vinegar soy sauce. Serve hot.

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