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" Kor-da-ri ya-chae jji-gae"/明太鱼蔬菜汤/코다리야채찌개

" Kor-da-ri ya-chae jji-gae"/明太鱼蔬菜汤/코다리야채찌개 Soup And Stew
2013/01/08 19:00  

Alaska Pollock is one of the Korean favourite fishes. In Korea,  we call the fresh Alaska Pollock as "Sheng-tae/생태";  dried Alaska Pollock is named as " Bo-geo/북어"; the fisherman dry the Alaska Pollock and  freeze   it in winter in the open air , repeat this process for a few times, then, we call it as " Kor-da-ri / 코다리 "...
明太鱼是韩国人喜爱的鱼类之一,同是明太鱼,但以不同的手法去处理,则给予不同的名称。 新鲜的明太鱼,韩国人称牠为 “ 生太鱼/Sheng-tae/생태"; 被晒干的明太鱼则叫牠为 “ Bo-geo/ 북어"; 在冬天,渔夫将明太鱼晒干后,让牠在户外冰冻;多次重复这步骤,就成了 “ Kor-da-ri / 코다리".

                            This are the " Kor-da-ri / 코다리" available in the market...

"Ko-da-ri",potatoes,onion,radish, napa cabbages,green onion are the main ingredients for this dish...

                 Pour 5 cups of broth in a cooking pot, when it is boiling, add in                   onions,radishes,potatoes..

When the onions, radishes and potatoes  start to turn soft, add in the Korean red pepper paste,stir it well and followed by adding the "ko-da-ri",napa cabbages,green onion
and the seasoning ...

3 cups of broth ( 3 cups of water, 6-8 pieces of dried anchovies,boil for about  8-10 minutes)
2 " ko-d-ri"
1 potato
1 green pepper
1 green onion
napa cabbage  30 g
radish  120 g

seasoning :
soy bean sauce 2 Tsp
red pepper powder 1 Tsp
minced garlic 1/2 Tsp
minced ginger 1/2 tsp
Korean red pepper paste 2 Tsp

Method :

1. Prepare the broth.

2. Pour the broth in a cooking pot, when it starts to boil, add in the onions,radishes and potatoes.

3. When the onions,radishes and potatoes start to turn soft, add in the Korean red pepper paste, stir it well, keep on boiling.

4. Add in the" Ko-da-ri" ,napa cabbages,green pepper and green onion...

5. Mix the soy bean sauce,red pepper powder,minced garlic,minced ginger and add into the broth, keep on boiling till well done.

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