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"Onion-dip wine" /洋葱浸泡红酒/양파레드와인

"Onion-dip wine" /洋葱浸泡红酒/양파레드와인 Beverage
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A few years ago, I went to Beijing in China for holidays. The tour guide strongly recommended us to make the " Onion-dip wine" for drinking, his mother was in good health after having this....I
started to make this since then! Recently , I read an  related article from HealthChannel on FB, therefore, I share this with you....
数年前,到中国北京一游,闲谈中,导游极力推荐将洋葱浸泡在红酒内后饮喝,有益健康,因为这是他母亲的亲身体验,喝后恢复了健康。。。回国后,我也开始泡制享用。 最近在面子书上的健康频道,阅读到有关的文章,特此与大家分享。。。

The original article is written in Chinese, this is translated by Bing :
Patients with high blood pressure, normal blood pressure and stability after drinking, would also reduce the diabetes, blood sugar dropped.
Best for presbyopia has improved significantly, don't have to wear glasses after drinking can read weeklies, magazines in General.
Every night to go to the toilet several times with frequent urination at night, after drinking two days, incredible to return fully to normal.

Waking up every night until dawn no longer sleep, insomnia that does not eat sleeping pills to sleep, after drinking will be eliminated.
Eye fatigue and blurred, no problem the next day after drinking.
Virtually untreatable with white urine, cloudy urine after becoming almost transparent.

Often belly heaving, very painful constipation, drink a day after they return to normal bowel movements.
So much more than efficiency, if you are under the middle-aged must fit, spending not much useful proven effectiveness, I may as well try.
Results: turns out to be this, believe it or not is up to you, in accordance with the amount of drink, 35-day results
Sweet sleep in the night, nightmare without follow, spiritual good, jianbu flies

Attacking Quartet, fingers flexible fall, prolong life and longevity, life long spiritual refreshing Do you hate to eat an onion? A look at the following article, even though it is not tasty, good, please eat.

Himself who also cares for home Oh!
"Onions more effective than bone loose in medicine" Housewives love onions cooking, processing will allow flow of tears, a lot of people are afraid of onion flavor. Unless superb onion cooking is craft, it's really hard to find onion lovers. But want to make your bones strong, tall the body, prevent bone loose the people, it would also be good to eat onion pinch the nose.

Because the authoritative journal "natural" recent research report pointed out that, a vegetable onions are best able to prevent bone loss. Effect of onions to prevent bone loss, even worse than loose in the treatment of osteoporosis drugs "calcitonin" even better. Researchers asked male rats eat a Kegan onions for four consecutive weeks, mice bone has an average of 13.5-18%. Another study found that rats eating of mixed vegetables with onion, can reduce bone loss problems. Third set of experiments is to allow removal of ovaries in female rats eating 1.5 grams of onions a day, resulting in bone loss rate reduces 25%.

More noteworthy is that health benefits of onions was seen in just 12 hours. Researchers believe that the onion effect may come from "the prevention of bone loss", so those who want to use onions health, might want to eat 200-300 grams per day (10 ounces) onion, can prevent bone loose syndrome. Hospital food source, in our daily food, there are many vegetables and fruits have a drug-like effect. Like Western food and ultimately garnish of onions, its benefits to the body almost beyond imagination.

Scrambled eggs with onion, fried beef or onions, are delicious healthy cuisine; and onions can also be used to eat or juice drink, according to medical experiments, it can play a variety of magical effect.
"Onions can prevent high cholesterol" According to Dr keduogeerweizhi, cardiology Professor at Harvard Medical School noted that raw half an onion a day, or drink the same amount of onion juice, average increase in heart patients about 30% HDL levels (HDL for high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, are seen as contributing to the prevention of artery porridge of hardened cholesterol, is also a good cholesterol.

) Daily raw half an onion, or drink the same amount of onion juice, in order to protect the heart, this was a folk prescriptions,
"Onions can be broken down fat"   Dr David Victor at his clinic who performed experiments prove the efficacy of onions do raise good cholesterol, but more cooked the onions Cook, the less effect. Dr David Victor clinics of heart disease ate onions, results showed that onions contain compounds can also prevent platelet clotting, and accelerates blood clots dissolve.

So, if you enjoy foods with high fat content, it is best to mix a little onion will help to offset the high fat foods cause blood clots; so eat steak usually mix onions, are very reasonable.
"Onions can prevent gastric cancer"

Onions and garlic, shallot, leek Allium vegetables contain anti-cancer chemicals, according to researchers in China suffer from high rates of gastric carcinoma in Shandong province where the survey found, when onions to eat more, lower risk of gastric cancer.
"Onions can be effective against asthma" Onions contain at least three anti-inflammatory natural chemicals that can cure asthma.

Because onions can inhibit the activity of the histamine, symptoms of allergies and asthma caused by histamine is a chemical substance Germany studies about onions can reduce risk of asthma attack by half. "Onions can cure diabetes," a long time ago, onions are used to treat diabetes, to modern, medicine proves that onion does blood sugar; and whether raw or cooked foods, are equally effective.

There is an antidiabetic compounds in onions, similar to the commonly used oral hypoglycemic agent methyl n-sulfonic, stimulate the synthesis and release of insulin.
"Onion also has a variety of other therapeutic effect" Onions, there's a lot more than these, in their daily lives, onions can also be used to fight insomnia: place the chopped onions in pillow, stimulating components specific to the onion, will play a calm nervous, seductive sleep magic. When cold, add the onions do not drink hot miso soup, was soon sweating fever. If nasal congestion, to a patch of onions against the nostrils, stimulating smell of onions, will make a smooth nose moments together. If you cough, gauze wrapped chopped onion, cover from the throat to the chest, can also inhibit coughing soon. High calcium intake can prevent bone loss?

Fractures are not as alarming as it has cancer or AIDS and despair, but many of the elderly would have been still pretty tough, but as the fracture has occurred, sudden sharp decline in activity, rapid decline in physical condition, who don't even get out of bed or wheelchair and went under. Bone loss is a no pain, or even feel the physiological phenomenon, often has been to fracture or bone density measurement have suddenly found that the bones had become loose. Like little bones and other organizations, which consists of "osteoblasts" and "osteoclasts" to serve as its "new Chen" and "metabolism".

Activity than the broken bone when osteoblasts cell, bone growth, increase or increases their density, but becomes more loose. Skeleton construction is to constitute a solid mesh of collagen matrix, and then the calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, fluorine compounds and collagen protein binding, fill in its empty, osteoclasts also have been continually reduced matrix and minerals. Intake of calcium in the diet is the opportunity to save to the bone by bone lengthening (height lengthened or bone become more dense? It must pass two tests, the first is its absorption rate, such as intake of calcium is not easy to be absorbed by, most of the calcium intake drain are faeces.

Therefore the Department of health announcement "healthy foods improve osteoporosis evaluation method of" first determination of absorption rates to be assessed for its pointer, such as a significantly high rate of calcium absorption of food most commonly used as food additives in General calcium carbonate (CaCO3), can be regarded as a health food. Second is absorbed into the blood calcium is deposited in the bones? Many people misunderstanding to think that eating more calcium to prevent bone loss, but was not answered in the affirmative.

Even some of the calcium is absorbed, also are adding weight or resistance movement (swimming does not help) to stimulate the secretion of the thyroid "calcitonin" (Calcitonin), it could enhance the activity of osteoblasts, and for it to be effective blood calcium into bones. Therefore, bedridden patients, even easy to absorb high intake of calcium, bone also is likely to lose very badly, so when you help him stand up, often if fracture occurs.

Sleep until dawn, quickly get up, osteoclast activity or greater than bone-making cells, so if you fear will have osteoporosis, in addition to high quality calcium intake, don't forget to also always do weight-bearing (without injury to the joints within the scope of the) campaign. From: Web (Translated by Bing)

最妙對 老花眼 也有很大的改善,飲用之後不用戴眼鏡也可以閱讀一般的周刊、雜誌。



討厭吃洋蔥嗎 ? 看看下面的文章,即使它再不可口,為了身體好,也請多多食用。關心自己也關心家裡的人喔!

家庭主婦不愛用洋蔥做菜,處理時會讓人流眼淚,很多人也怕洋蔥味。除非是手藝高超的洋蔥料理,否則真的很難找到洋蔥的熱愛者。 但是想要讓自己骨骼結實、身體長得高、預防骨質酥鬆症的人,最好還是乖乖地捏著鼻子吃洋蔥吧。因為權威期刊「自然」的最新研究報告指出,洋蔥是最能夠防止骨質流失的一種蔬菜。


研究人員認為,洋蔥的效果可能來自於「預防骨質流失」,因此想要利用洋蔥保健的人,每天可能要吃上200-300公克(10盎司)的洋蔥,才能夠預防骨質酥鬆症。醫食同源,在我們日常食物中,有很多蔬菜水果都具有藥物般的療效。像西餐裡少不了的配菜洋蔥,它對身體的好處簡直超乎想像。 洋蔥炒蛋,或洋蔥炒牛肉,都是美味無比的健康菜;而洋蔥還可以用來生吃或榨汁喝,根據醫學實驗,它更能發揮多種神奇療效。

據哈佛醫學院心臟科教授克多格爾威治博士指出,每天生吃半個洋蔥,或喝等量的洋蔥汁,平均可增加心臟病人約30%的HDL含量(HDL為高密度脂蛋白膽固醇,一種被認為有助於預防動脈粥狀硬化的膽固醇,也是一種的好的膽固醇。) 每天生吃半個洋蔥,或喝等量的洋蔥汁,以保護心臟,這原是個民間偏方,

克多博士在自己的診所裡對病人進行實驗,證明洋蔥確有提升好膽固醇的療效,不過洋蔥煮得越熟,越不具效果。   克多博士讓診所裡的心臟病人每天吃洋蔥,結果發現洋蔥裡所含的化合物也能阻止血小板凝結,並加速血液凝塊溶解。所以,當你享用高脂肪食物時,最好能搭配些許洋蔥,將有助於抵銷高脂肪食物引起的血液凝塊;所以說牛排通常搭配洋蔥一起吃,是很有道理的。

洋蔥和大蒜、大蔥、韭菜這些蔥屬蔬菜,因含有抗癌的化學物質,據研究人員在中國山東省一個胃癌罹患率很高的地方所做的調查發現,當洋蔥吃得越多,得胃癌的機 率就越低。





骨骼的建造乃是先以膠原蛋白構成立體網狀之基質,然後再由鈣、鎂、鋅、磷、氟等化合物與膠原蛋白結合,添充在其空洞中,但破骨細胞也一直不斷地分解這些基質與礦物質。 飲食中所攝取的鈣質是否有機會存到骨骼中而使骨骼加長(身高加長或骨質變得更緻密?其必須通過兩關的考驗,第一是其吸收率,如所攝取的鈣質不易被吸收,所攝取的鈣大多還是由糞便中排掉。因此衛生署公告的「健康食品之改善骨質疏鬆功能評估方法」的第一項測定即以其吸收率來作為評估指標,如某一食品之鈣吸收率能明顯高過一般最普遍用來做為食品添加物的碳酸鈣(CaCO3)時,可視為一健康食品。


因此,長期臥床的病人,即使攝取易吸收之高鈣,骨質還是會流失很厲害,因此在幫他翻身時,常一不小心就會發生骨折。 其實每天睡到天亮,快起床時,常破骨細胞的活性或大過造骨細胞,因此,如您怕會有骨質疏鬆症,除了多攝取優質的鈣之外,別忘了也要常做負重(在不傷到關節之範圍內)的運動。




 2 onions, 500 ml of red wine, 1 bottle of ordinary red wine with three onions

1.Wash the onion, remove the skin,slice the onions..
2. Put onions into glass bottles by adding red wine.
3. Glass cover sealed in a cool place for about 8 days or more..
4 Drink about 50 ml for old people, 20 ml for young generation daily.
(  eat with the sliced onions soaked in wine is better)

(p/s: it is not necessary to buy those expensive red wine).

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