Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fry Zucchini with shrimp sauce/액호박새우젓볶음/炒虾酱节瓜/

In Korea, summer is the harvest season for Zucchini/애호박/节瓜.
We use zucchini to cook many kinds of dishes, this  is one of them....

在韩国,夏天是盛产节瓜的季节。 韩国人用它来做出各种不同菜色的菜肴,炒虾酱节瓜是其中之一。。。。

Korean shrimp sauce/새우젓.

西葫蘆(Zucchini或Courgette,學名Cucurbita pepo),又稱北瓜櫛瓜夏南瓜,香港稱為翠玉瓜葫蘆科南瓜屬植物

zucchini 1
onion 1/2
red pepper 1/4
cooking oil

seasoning sauce:
minced garlic  1 tsp
Korean shrimp sauce 1 Tsp
sesame oil 1 tsp
a pinch of pepper


1. Slice the zucchini in round shape, cut each of the sliced zucchini into half, become "half moon" size.

2. Heat the fry pan , add cooking oil, fry the minced garlic for about one minute .

3. Add in zucchini , onion and red pepper, fry till half done, add in Korean shrimp sauce,sesame oil and pepper, fry till well done.

( P/s : I suggest that don't add in all the shrimp sauces at the same time, because some shrimp sauces are very salty,in contrast, some are not, therefore, please taste whether it is  too salty or not when you are cooking )


Angelic Heart~ said...

I love Korean food very much and had tried to prepare some simple korean food before. However,some ingredients are not easy to get, usually i will find some alternative ingredients and hopefully the taste is not much different... at the end, hubby and i rather go to Korean Restaurant than prepare it at home, sigh~
the Korean Shrimp Sauce look similar to 'Cincalok' that can be found in Malaysia:
are they same?

k.kimchi said...

Dear Angelic Heart, Korean shrimp sauce is not the same taste as the cincalok, I have tasted it before. If you stay in Kuala Lumpur, that is the " Korean Street" in Malaysia, you may get the ingredients from the Korean supermarket there...

Angelic Heart~ said...

ic, I'll look for it if go to Korean Street. Thanks:)