Friday, August 17, 2012

How do you eat the " filling" of the Kimchi ?

 Dear readers, when you make Kimchi, instead of placing all the " filling" in between the  Chinese cabbage leaves, to make kimchi ; here is another way to eat .


Normally, we choose those inner  leaves of the Chinese cabbage, those leaves which are    fresh and yellow in colour. Place a small portion of the  " filling" on the leaf and eat it together.....yummy..yummy.. why not to try it ?

在韩国,通常我们都选用那些高丽菜的最中心的叶片,新鲜又呈黄色的幼叶。 将一小匙的馅料,放在叶片上,一起吃,蛮可口的 ! 不妨试试看。。。。

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小食代 said...

I immediately try this after seeing this post~
the baby cabbage taste sweet like this ~~~