Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Green pepper seasoned with soy bean paste/고추된장무침/豆酱凉拌青椒

 I did mentioned in the past,  we have 풋고추 ( pool-kol-chul ) and 청양고추 ( chong-yang-kol-chul ) in Korea. 풋고추 ( pool-kol-chul ) is not spicy as 청양고추 ( chong-yang-kol-chul ).

以往,我曾经提过,在韩国有풋고추 ( pool-kol-chul ) 和 청양고추 ( chong-yang-kol-chul ). 풋고추 ( pool-kol-chul ) 并没有 청양고추 ( chong-yang-kol-chul )那么辣。

Have you ever used the perilla seeds powder for cooking ? Today, I am going to use it for  cooking this dish...

您曾经採用帙紫苏籽粉做料理吗 ? 今天我就用它来做这道菜。。。。

(p/s : This picture of " 들깨가루" is taken from a shopping mall )

Ingredients :

풋고추 /green peppers 8 big pieces
Korean soy bean paste /된장  4 Tsp
minced garlic 1/2 Tsp
corn syrup 1 Tsp
perilla seeds powder/ 들깨가루  1 1/2  Tsp
mineral water or water for drinking  1 1/2 Tsp
sesame oil 1/2 Tsp

Method :

1. Cut each of the green pepper into chunk pieces, set aside.

2. In a bowl, mix the soy bean paste,garlic,corn syrup,perilla seeds powder,water and sesame oil , stir  well.

3. Mix the green pepper and the sauces together and serve.

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