Thursday, August 2, 2012

Salad with Citron syrup / 유자정 salad /柚子酱salad

Have you ever tasted the Korean Citron Tea ?  This Citron syrup ( 유자청) is also a good ingredient for making salad too....

您是否可嚐过韩国的柚子茶? 它也是用来做 salad 的好材料之一。。。。

There are a few brands of Citron tea available in the market, this is one of them...This tea is from Jeju Island in Korea....


We call this "유자청 / yu-ja-chong" for preparing the citron tea...; but, today we use it for making salad sauce...

韩国称它为 “유자청 / yu-ja-chong” ,就是用它来泡柚子茶;不过,今天却用它来做 salad 酱料。。。。

This are the very thin chives, in Korean, we call it " 영야부추 / 실부추 ( yong-yang-pu-chu  / sil-pu-chu "

这是非常细的韭菜,在韩文,称它为 " 영야부추 / 실부추 ( yong-yang-pu-chu  / sil-pu-chu "

lettuce 460g
chives 60g
mini tomatoes 7 pieces
half of the bell pepper /capsicum
citron syrup 6 Tsp
vinegar 5 Tsp


1. Cut the lettuce, chives, mini tomatoes and bell pepper as shown above, set aside.

2. Mix the citron syrup and vinegar together.

3. Place all the vegetables on the dish, pour the mixed sauces on top of it when  you serve it....


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Hi! Nice informative blog, TY! I hv the Citron Tea at home, din't noe tat it can b used for salads. Wow, i gonna try tat! Ty again!