Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fry Tofu/두부튀김/ 炸豆腐

Tofu is also known as "Bean curd". It is commonly used for cooking, to fry,to braise etc. I believe that you all know that tofu is originated in ancient China, but, do you know that who was the one to invent this tofu ? Tofu was invented in northern China around 164 BC by Lord Liu An (刘安), a Han (汉) Dynastry Prince.

This is a very simple dish by frying it and dipping it with Korean soy bean sauce & leek.

豆腐,是非常普遍的料理材料,可用来炸,烩等。 我相信大家都知道豆腐源自中国。但,您可知道那是谁发明的? 豆腐起源自中国北部,大约是在公元前 164 年,汉朝的刘安太子。




tofu 150g
corn starch
cooking oil

Korean soy bean sauce 4 Tsp
vinegar 2 Tsp
sugar  1 tsp
leek 1 Tsp
minced garlic 1 tsp

yellow bell pepper ( optional) for decoration

Method :

1. Cut the tofu into thin rectangular form.

2. Drain liquid from tofu and coat generously with corn starch.

3. Heat the fry pan and  add in cooking oil.

4. Grill tofu pieces on both sides until crispy.

5. Serve hot with the sauce.

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