Monday, September 17, 2012

Traditional way for wrapping gift sets/보자기 랩핑/传统的礼物包装法

" Chusok/추석/秋夕“ is the Korean Thanksgiving Day in autumn, it falls on the lunar calender 15th of August. As the Chusok is approaching, Korean are busy for buying gift sets, as gifts for relatives or friends. This two pictures show that the gift sets are wrapped in Korean traditional way.

It is not wrapped by paper , is either a big rectangular or square napkin/cloth. In Korean, we call it "보자기 (boh-ja-ki)

"Chusok/추석/秋夕“ 是韩国人在秋天庆丰收的一大节日,是在农历八月十五日。 ”秋夕“的脚步近在眉梢,韩国人也忙着购物送礼。 这两张照片是其中一些礼蓝的传统包装法。

不是用纸张包装,而是一条大型的长方形或正方形丝巾。 韩国人称这丝巾为 ”보자기 (boh-ja-ki)

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